The Trasimeno Way

The way of the TRASIMENO

A journey of 160 KM IN 7 stages around Lake TRASIMENO

A new path is born when you dream! One day looking at the beauty of Lake Trasimeno, we joyously surprised to imagine a path that embraced the whole lake, allowing those who cross it, to live and enjoy the natural beauties of this corner of Umbria. Along with the creation of theAssociation walking heals, thus was born “the way of the Trasimeno”, a new way to add to the already colourful panorama of the walkable itineraries that cross the entire region.

We traced a journey of about 160 kilometers, to live in seven stages, which passes through the most important villages of the territory and crosses the islands of the lake. A journey to be lived, having as a traveling companion the splendour of a lake and its hills, meeting the people who inhabit this territory, discovering the flora that embellishes it and the fauna that populates it. Every journey is a life-long experience!

We want to propose this path to all those who love to walk. To those who have already crossed with the feet unknown lands, and those who have not yet ever had the experience of putting a backpack on their shoulders and leave for several days.
It is a circular path, where there is no particular starting point and an obligatory point of arrival, which offers the utmost freedom to those who wish to put their feet, even if only for a simple day to live in the beauty of this nature.

This project also has a particular soul. In our lives, we have experienced directly, how to walk do well. We will say more: walking heals! The slow step by step, made for several days, has a surprising power and is able to get back in touch with ourselves, making new buds tick that have the taste of life. We have experienced how much walking has helped us to overcome problems and illnesses of various kinds, opening up in our lives new unhoped-for horizons. Walking puts us in the optimum condition to heal our wounds and regain the right pace in life! That’s why we founded theAssociation walking Heals, and we would like to accompany along this path, all those who are going through a difficult period of their lives and experience with them how much the path helps to begin again. “La via del Trasimeno” wants to be a deep and intense human and “spiritual” experience that we want to live with all those who want to share with us this path. Life awaits us: Let’s meet her… On foot!

Because the TRASIMENO

A new path is born when you dream!

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