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The route is circular. It can be completed in seven stages, in one week. In a weekend you can complete two stages. The total lenght of the Via del Trasimeno is 160 kilometers. This means an average of 22 km per day. Choose where to start and where to get. On this page you will find a summary table of the stages of the Via.

Passignano – San Savino: a stage that starts from Passignano sul Trasimeno – one of the most populous and historically interesting villages on the lake – and then climbs towards a long and panoramic path. Passing through olive groves, woods and vineyards, you arrive at San Savino.
Difficulty: medium
Lenght: 24 km
Positive difference in height: 691m
Duration: 8h:00′

San Savino – Panicale: The stage, which goes on mainly in the woods, still offers beautiful panoramic views and allows a dip in medieval atmospheres, thanks to the castles of San Savino, Montali, Mongiovino and to the arrival in Panicale – one of “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” (the most beautiful villages in Italy) – where, among other things, an important fresco by Perugino is preserved.
Difficulty: medium
Lenght: 22 km
Positive difference in height: 672m
Approximate walking time: 7h:30′

Panicale – Città della Pieve: We arrive at the village of Paciano through a wood of oaks. Then, along dirt roads immersed in nature, you go to Città della Pieve on a restful and open path that reminds you of the nearby Tuscany.
Difficulty: medium
Lenght: 19,4 km
Positive difference in height: 676m  
Città della Pieve – Villastrada: the path is immersed in a wood that leads to the village of San Donato. Crossed the road, the path continues through dirt roads and leads up to Cantagallina. Villastrada is a small town. We wanted the stage to end here, because Villastrada is an example of how even the smallest centers can resume vitality thanks to the Via del Trasimeno.

Difficulty: medium
Lunghezza: 18,9 km
Positive difference in height: 382m
Approximate walking time: 5h:40′

Villastrada – Castiglione del Lago: Even this stage is all in the open country and, through small villages, slowly brings us back to the lake. You cross Gioiella, and then Vitellino, and field after field, path after path, you arrive at Castiglione del Lago, which is also one of “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” (the most beautiful villages in Italy).
Difficulty: medium
Lenght: 25 km
Positive difference in height: 471m
Approximate walking time: 6h:15′

Castiglione del Lago – Maggiore Island: Go down to the edge of the lake and walk along a cycle path that allows you to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the nature reserve that lives around the Lake Trasimeno. You go through the territories trampled by the Carthaginians and the Romans during the Second Punic War (217 BC), and you arrive at Punta Navaccia (Tuoro sul Trasimeno), from where you can take the boat to Maggiore Island.
Difficulty: medium
Lenght: 21,2 km
Positive difference in height: 29m
Approximate walking time: 5h:30′

Maggiore Island – Passignano: After the pleasure of the ferry that takes us back to Punta Navaccia, we arrive at Tuoro sul Trasimeno, then the path continues for Sanguineto, a small village, and then climbs up to the panoramic road, from where we return to appreciate the lake from above, in all its beauty. Then you get to Gosparini, where you can admire a beautiful landscape. From here, the path begins to go down towards Passignano sul Trasimeno, passing through woods and olive groves.
Difficulty: medium
Lenght: 29 km
Positive difference in height: 813m
Approximate walking time: 8h:30′


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